Yuan-Hai Shao


OPTIMAL research group for machine learning,

School of Management, Hainan University, China.


Address:  Yuan-Hai Shao

School of Management, Hainan University,Haikou, 570228, China

Office: B418, Sheke Building, Haidian Campus of HNU
Tel: +86-18267152006
Home: http://www.optimal-group.org/member/syh/
Email: shaoyuanhai21@163.com or shaoyuanhai@hainanu.edu.cn

Yuan-Hai Shao received his B.S. degree in information and computing science in College of Mathematics from Jilin University, the master's degree in applied mathematics, and Ph.D. degree in operations research and management in College of Science from China Agricultural University, China, in 2006, 2008, and 2011, respectively. Currently, he is a Professor at the School of Management,Hainan University. His research interests include support vector machines, nonparallel support vector machines, data mining, machine learning, and optimization methods. He has published over 100 refereed papers on these areas.


Highlighted publications

  • Zhen Wang, Yuan-Hai Shao*, Lan Bai, Chun-Na Li, Li-Ming Liu. A general model for plane-based clustering with loss function, arXiv preprint, 2019, CoRR abs/1901.09178.
  • Chun-Na Li, Yuan-Hai Shao*, Wotao Yin, Ming-Zeng Liu. Robust and sparse linear discriminant analysis via alternating direction method of multipliers, IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, 2019, inpress.
  • Zhen Wang, Yuan-Hai Shao*,Lan Bai, Li-Ming Liu, Nai-Yang Deng. Insensitive stochastic gradient twin support vector machines for large scale problems, Information Sciences, 2018, 462: 114-131 .
  • Wei-Jie Chen, Yuan-Hai Shao*,Chun-Na Li, Nai-Yang Deng. MLTSVM: A novel twin support vector machine to multi-label learning[J]. Pattern Recogn. 2016, 52: 61-74. (SCI, IF:3.096)
  • Zhen Wang*, Yuan-Hai Shao*, Lan Bai, Nai-Yang Deng. Twin Support Vector Machine for Clustering, IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, 2015, 26(10): 2583-2588.
  • Chun-Na Li, Yuan-Hai Shao*, Nai-Yang Deng. Robust L1-norm two-dimensional linear discriminant analysis, Neural Networks, 2015, 65: 92-104.
  • Yuan-Hai Shao, Wei-Jie Chen, Jing-jing Zhang, Zhen Wang, Nai-Yang Deng*. An efficient weighted Lagrangian twin support vector machine for imbalanced data classification, Pattern Recognition, 2014, 47(9): 3158-3167.
  • Yuan-Hai Shao, Chun-Hua Zhang, Xiao-Bo Wang, Nai-Yang Deng*. Improvements on Twin Support Vector Machines, IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks, 2011, 962-968.

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  • 目前招收工商管理(大数据分析与商务智能方向)专业博士生,管理科学与工程、企业管理等专业硕士研究生。

  • 建议联系我之前先对我们的研究方向做一些了解。欢迎对数据挖掘与机器学习、大数据分析和最优化感兴趣的同学加入OPTIMAL团队。兴趣是最好的选择,希望志同道合的人在一起,有凝聚力。

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