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  • Name:   Ming-zeng Liu
  • E-mail:   mzliu@dlut.edu.cn
  • Phone:   (+86)0427-2631105(O)
  • Address:   School of Science, Dalian University of Technology at Panjin, Panjin 124221, China

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         Ming-Zeng Liu received his Bachelor's degree in School of Mathematical Sciences, Jilin University, and received Doctor's degree in School of Automotive Engineering from Dalian University of Technology,China,in 2006 and 2013, respectively. Currently, he is a lecturer at the School of Science, Dalian University of Technology at Panjin. His research interests include machine learning and data mining, computer graphics.

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      Research Interests

  • Computer Graphics topics

         Curve/surface reconstruction

         Adaptive mesh generation

         Feature-preserving CAE mesh optimization

         Applications in simulation-oriented adaptive mesh optimization

  • ML/DM topics

         Supervised learning

         Sparse learning

         Dimensionality reduction and feature selection

         Application in images and geometries

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  • Y.-H. Shao, C.-N. Li, Z. Wang, M.-Z. Liu, N.-Y. Deng. Proximal Classfier via Absolute Value Inequalities.2014 IEEE International Conference on Data Mining Workshop(ICDM2014).
  • B.-J. Li, L. Yang, M.-Z. Liu, P. Hu, B. Wang.Skeleton-driven Model Editing for Auto-body Structural Analysis.Journal of Hunan University(Natural Sciences), 2014,41(8):7-12.
  • M.-Z. Liu, B.-J. Liu, C.-S. Wang, P. Hu. Free Form Deformation Design for Auto-body Finite Element Model Based on Isoparametric Transformation. Transactions of the Chinese Society for Agricultural Machinery, 2013,43(4):15-19.
  • M.-Z. Liu, B.-J. Li, G.-Z. Guo, P. Hu.Feature-preserving quad dominant remeshing in Engineering. Journal of Information and Computational Science, 2013,10(1):27-34.
  • P. Hu, M.-Z. Liu, B.-J. Li, X.-K. Zhang, G.-Z. Shen. Adaptive mesh Optimization for improved One-step Forming. The 11th International Conference on Numerical methods in Industrial Forming Process (Numiform2013), Chian, July 6-10, 2013, Shenyang, 2013,883-890, Poster(Best Poster Award).
  • P. Hu, M.-Z. Liu, B.-J. Li, C.-S. Wang.Adaptive Shape-preserving Curve Fitting on Surfaces. Journal of Information and Computational Science,2013,9(1):15-23.
  • P. Hu, C.-S. Wang, B.-J. Li, M.-Z. Liu. Filling Holes in Triangular Meshes in Engineering. Journal of Software, 2012, 7(1):141-148.
  • X.-F. Zhu, P. Hu, Z.-D. Ma, X.-K. Zhang, W.-D. Li, J.-R. Bao, M.-Z. Liu. A new surface parameterization method based on one-step inverse forming for isogeometric analysis-suited geometry. The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 2012,65(9-12):1215-1227.
  • M. Xu, Q. Fang, R.-H. Wang, Z.-W. Jiang, M.-Z. Liu. A multinomial spline approximation scheme using spline quasi-interpolants. Applied Mathematics and Computation, 2012, 218(9):5081-5089.
  • Q. Huang, B.-J. Li, M.-Z. Liu, J.-R. Bao, Ch.-N. Jin, X.-K. Zhang, P. Hu. Feature-preserved morphing method for panel design. Mathematical and Computer Modelling, 2010, 51:1417-1420.

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