A Matlab code for Robust fitting distribution planes for clustering. (You could Right-Click [Some Results] , and Save, then you can download the the codes and slides.)


Zhen Wang, Yuan-Hai Shao* et al. A general model for plane-based clustering with loss function. Submitted. 2019

DC solver for RFDPC

function [Y,wt]= RFDPC_DC_iY(X,iY,g1,g2,c1,c2) %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% % RFDPC: % % [Y,wt]= RFDPC_DC_iY(X,iY,g1,g2,c1,c2) % % Input: % X: Data matrix. (nolinear version is obtained by K(X,X)) % iY: First initial labels of X (can be given randomly or by NN-graph). % then, it would be updated in iteration. % Parameters - g1,g2,c1,c2 % % Output: % Y: The prediction of X in this iteration. % wt: the cluster center planes % % Written by Zhen Wang (wangzhen188@126.com.) %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

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